On-camera Small hd monitor w/ HDMI for DSLR CANON 5D 7D & Other HD Video cameras.

Ruige S series Small HD monitors: 5 inch TL-S500HD, 7 inch TL-S701HDA.

*RUIGE HD LCD monitor for DSLR Cameras, Optional SONY or CANON battery plates:

SONY Battery plate compatible w/ SONY F970, F550, F950, F750, F770.
CANON Battery plate compatible w/ CANON BP945.

*What you see is what you get: CANON 5D's 3" Screen can only display %85, but RUIGE TL-S500HD realizes FULL Screen Display.

CAMERA + TALLY: it's designed for Canon 5D mark II. The image in standby and record mode not FULL SIZE because it downgrades the original HD (16:9) image to 480p (4:3)image, and zooms out the image display at the same time, which is hard for cameraman to shoot. After you press CAMERA button, all the output signals will be displayedfully on the screen within the safety marker. And RUIGE TL-S500HD HD Camera Monitor do not drop resolution when you recording on CANON 5D or scale the image up.

*Peaking focus: 1.Please press ZOOM key, the image will be zoomed-in; 2.Press again to turn on peaking focus, which assists the cameraman to quickly focus. 3. Please press ZOOM key again to turn off the Peaking Focus.

*Dynamic Zoom via "Linear zoom trigger", which realizes zoom from the center point to assist quick focus.

Canon 5D/7D's zoom-in doesn't work in video playback mode, so videographers cannot check the video details. But RUIGE TL-S500HD can Dynamic Zoom based on RPD technology (Restoration of Pixel Data).

For CANON 5D, RUIGE TL-S500HD monitor Dynamic Zoom during Monitoring & Playback Mode, but can not zoom during Recording.

For CANON 7D, RUIGE TL-S500HD monitor Dynamic Zoom during Monitoring, Recording & Playback Mode.

The reason why RUIGE TL-S500HD Can Dynamic Zoom during Recording with CANON 7D, not with CANON 5D: Dynamic Zoom is used for HD Video at least 720P, CANON 5D output 480P during recording, and Canon 7d output 1080P during recording.

*Safety marker function: 5 scales of safety markers for different shooting requirements.

*Decrease Time Lag between Recording and standby.

*RUIGE TL-S500HD Monitor comes with a patented foldable and removable sunhood, which makes the monitor readable in strong sunlight and protect the LCD screen.

*SAMSUNG A+ LCD Panel: REAL 800x480 high resolution, high brightness, and high contrast ratio, so high picture quality.

*3 ways of power supply: a. AC-DC adapter; b. Battery such as SONY F550 or F970; c. D-tap Power cable from a camera.

*Aspect ratio: Switch between 4:3/ 16:9/ AUTO/ LETTER BOX.


*Lightweight and Portable: less than 0.5kg

*Certificates: ISO9000, CE, FCC , ROHS

*Product Craftwork Highlights:

1. Four to eight layers circuit to ensure signal integrity and stability.

2. All-solid capacitor from world famous suppliers: Murata, TDK etc., NOT unsafe short life aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

3. Unique power polarity protection design to protect the monitor even though power polarity is reversed.

4. High-performance display chip, 3D deinterlace image processing technology, much better image restoration.

5. Whole lead-free production process to protect environment.